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Sinclair Method

Alcohol addiction has a medical treatment

There is a medical treatment for alcoholism via pharmacological extinction called the Sinclair Method.

The Sinclair Method dictates that you take 50mg Naltrexone one hour before you drink, every time you drink, and at no other times.

Using this method I went from 10-12 drinks/day to complete extinction (zero craving for alcohol) in 60 days. I have not had alcohol in almost 2 years and have no desire to ever drink again. Your mileage may vary.

This method is not widely known for two reasons.

  1. In the US, while Naltrexone has passed the FDA’s safety trials, it did not do well on efficacy trials. The reason it did poorly on efficacy trials is that it was not used according to the Sinclair Method. In other words, doctors can prescribe Naltrexone, but most of them think it does not work to treat alcoholism, because they do not know the right approach. (The instructions on my Naltrexone pill bottle stated “take one tablet by mouth daily”, which is not correct. It should have said “take one tablet by mouth one hour before drinking alcohol, only when you anticipate the need to drink alcohol”.)

  2. The largest organization for helping alcoholics is Alcoholics Anonymous. Part of the dogma of AA is that there is no medical treatment for alcoholism. “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic” - “dry drunk” - “one day at a time”. These are all mantras of what is essentially a religious organization that has no incentive to actually find medical solutions at an organizational level. The central text of AA states that if a medical solution is discovered, they will embrace it, but in reality some of the most irrational resistance to the Sinclair Method comes from AA.