2019-4-7 Statement

There was a conflict between the multisig signers and the executive team. The details will most likely be public soon.

I’ve been privately lobbying for months for there to be an MKR vote to re-assert the so-called “Foundation Principles” under proper turnout. I warned that there needed to be clarity about the role of the multisig and control of the dev fund. I again lobbied to have MKR voters be involved in the resolution process between the executive team and the multisig.

I was stonewalled on all fronts, which is why I organized the MKR Roll Call. I felt a personal obligation to many people to do what I could so they are not caught off guard by this change in direction, to at least have MKR voters capable of coordinating without the blessing of the exec team.

When the multisig members first got legal threats, I offered to back them all the way through the courts and accept any liability the exec team was hanging over their heads. It looked like this had bought enough time to ensure the resolution was just and transparent.

Unfortunately it looks like more of the multisig members have capitulated to further legal threats, and that the executive team and remaining multisig members are in control of the dev fund.

I will write an explanation about what I think the optimal use of the remaining MKR is another time, if I think it will be useful. In the last year anything I endorse seems to get starved of resources.

I’m not employed by any Maker-related entity and haven’t been paid to work on it in years.

I seem to be the only one with with full visibility (now removed) who is not under a draconian NDA.

I still have a majority of my initial MKR and don’t plan to part with it until after MCD is released. I have full confidence it will be delivered regardless of the dev fund situation.

Don’t get bamboozled by the spin doctors. Follow the money on chain.